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Andrej Pejic’s Nose Ring at the 2nd Annual Millennial Ball and Other News

Andrej Pejic at the 2nd Annual Millennial Ball

I was relieved to find out this beautiful woman was actually a man. Now I’m not nearly as conflicted about hitting them for wearing that ridiculous nose ring.

In other news….

Sad news — James Gandolfini died today at the age of 51. (Celebitchy)

Kristen Stewart tries to dine unnoticed at Hooters, as I presume all patrons without testes do. (Daily Stab)

Emmy Rossum looks… different. That’s as nice as I could make it sound. (ICYDK)

Ralph Wiggum’s guide to life — it’s unpossible! (Mandatory)

Rihanna clubs one of her fans with a microphone during a concert: the video. (Celeb Slam)

Paula Deen admits to using the n-word in a deposition. First diabetes, and now this. 2013 is NOT Paula Deen’s year. (The Blemish)

Who wins in a capybara/Boston Terrier staring contest> (Jezebel)

Exploring the bland interchangability of the USA Network’s shows. (Pajiba)

The Today Show director got fired today, albeit in a roundabout patronizing way. (Huffington Post)

Justin Bieber’s cat has a Twitter account, which I would follow before I’d ever follow Justin Bieber. (Evil Beet)

Miley Cyrus has a new video. Squee! (DS)

The real reason Selena Gomez is so thin… and it’s not pretty. (BG)

(Hollywood Rag)