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Angelina Jolie’s Dress is Hideous and Other News


Angelina Jolie is joining the likes of female titans Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Meryl Streep to speak at the 4th Annual Women in the World Summit, a “two-day long panel discussion that brings to light the incredible stories of women and inspiring solutions to women’s issues,” and THIS is what she wears. It’s two-thirds of a Friar Tuck costume with a soupcon of Stevie Nicks flair. I hope her speech was inspiring, because God knows that dress sure isn’t.

Now for a little interweb hodgepodge and celebrity potpourri …

Because watching Nicki Minaj and L’il Wayne pretend to make whoopee is all you need on a Thursday. (Huffington Post)

Sad news — legendary film critic Roger Ebert lost his battle with cancer today. (Jezebel)

Now you know what the Easter Bunny would look like if he were a sad, cheap, wonky-eyed reality has-been with herpes and hair extensions. (Hollywood Rag)

Ten historical mysteries that may never be solved, not including the mystery of who stole my Yoplait from the break room fridge last June, a mystery which until this very day has never been solved. (Mandatory)

Madonna says she doesn’t care if her homeless brother dies, and the heterosexual world says it doesn’t care if Madonna dies. It’s a vicious cycle of apathy and disdain not seen since The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer. (Evil Beet)

Jeremy Irons thinks that gay marriage will lead to fathers gay-marrying their sons for tax purposes, which makes sense if you recently took three hits of acid. (Celebitchy)

Frankie Essex’ cut-to-there dress steals the show at the “Olympus Has Fallen” premiere. (Moe Jackson)

A mother of two is causing quite a stir for saying that she wishes she’d never had her two children and believes that her life would have been much better without them. Kinda awkward for the kiddos with Mother’s Day right around the corner and everything. (The Stir)

Looks like Christina Aguilera has developed a coke problem to help her shed the pounds. I wonder if Us Weekly will include that in their “Weight Loss Secrets of the Stars.” (Blind Gossip)

Adan Ballou will whisk you out on the dance floor of style and twirl you and dip you with a rose clenched between his teeth. (Modavanti)

Vanessa Hudgens should know better than to ruin her chance to be the hot one. (DS)

Beyonce seriously needs to re-think those leather pants and Dwayne Wayne sunglasses. (ICYDK)

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is dating a guy from Homeland. (Bitten & Bound)

Get nude without the public indecency charge courtesy of Dior’s new Nude Collection! (Fab Over 40)

Lindsay Lohan’s bestie gets busted for drug trafficking; Lindsay is “disappointed,” probably because now she has to find a new connection. (popbytes)

Eva Longoria in a bikini, because you’re never too old for Spring Break when you’re famous. (City Rag)