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Beyonce Lip-Synched the National Anthem and Other News

Beyonce made a big show of ripping out her ear piece (1:20 mark, video below) when she sang the National Anthem at Barack Obama’s Inauguration yesterday, but it was all for show, because she was actually lip-synching to a pre-recorded track. Page Six says:

Beyonce Knowles’ flawless performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at the inauguration was entirely lip-synched — a rep for the United States Marine Band revealed that she decided to perform to a pre-recorded track at the last minute.

The news will surely shock those who watched the emotional performance. At one point, Beyonce even dramatically removed her earpiece – which now seems even more ludicrous, as she wasn’t even making any noise.

Of course the singing was fake. Just like her hair, and her skin color, and her nose and her boobs and her marriage and her pregnancy. The only thing real in the above photo is Joe Biden’s apparent heartburn.

In other news….

Fake headlines, real idiots. (Mandatory)

Barbara Walters has fallen and she can’t get up… and now she’s in a hospital. (The Daily Stab)

Megan Fox gropes Leslie Mann like a she’s been playing lacrosse for Duke all her life. (Huffington Post)

Lindsay Lohan turned down Dancing with the Stars, or at least she would have, if they had actually asked and she weren’t just talking to herself in a mirror. (popbytes)

Leonardo DiCaprio is quitting acting, probably because it’s cutting into his lingerie model time. (Evil Beet)

Even though Rihanna is wearing camouflage at night, she didn’t get hit by a bus. (Hollywood Rag)

Aida Yespica will make you want to binge, purge and maybe even cut your wrists a little. (Moe Jackson)

Justin Bieber’s mom makes an A+ argument for abortion, only it’s supposed to be a pro-life PSA. (Holy Moly!)

Shakira gives birth to a baby boy and learns the hard way that while hips don’t lie, they certainly spread in the birthing process. (Hollywood PQ)