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Brad Pitt for the Ladies


I wanted to put out a little Yeeeah! man-candy for the ladies today. It’s only fair. I mean, you can’t turn around these days without seeing an actress in a bikini or being poked in the eye with a celebrity nipple. I really wanted to give the girls some freshly-waxed Hollywood pecs; maybe a rock-hard ass, or washboard abs. Hell, I’d take even a hint of celebrity ballsac at this point. No luck. The only naked male “celebrity” I could get my hands was a couple of stills from Screech’s do-it-yourself porno, and trust me when I say that a little bit of Dustin Diamond ballsac goes a long way. Think “copious public hair” and “chappy.” So, anyway, here you go: a couple of candids of Brad Pitt on the set of his new movie “Benjamin Button,” — which, judging from the title, is either the story of a retarded janitor with a heart of gold, or the tale of an industrious field mouse who lives in a mushroom cottage. Enjoy.

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