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Cameron Diaz’ Biceps Are Bigger Than Yours

Cameron Diaz has always been kinda on the muscular side, but when she showed up at CinemaCon to accept the Female Star Of The Year award yesterday, she looked like fucking John Cena in a dress. What’s the secret behind her bulging, veiny physique? My guess was steroids, but she told Us Magazine it was all diet and exercise. She said:

“Leg weights and weights and lifts, leg lifts — anything you can do on the floor. It’s my horizontal workout.

[As for food], I need to eat every couple hours, so I’m just eating constantly. I try to eat really clean. I eat a lot of protein, whether it’s fish, chicken, or beef, or egg whites, and then brown rice or quinoa, and oatmeal and a whole grain like that, and lots of greens.”

Be sure to stay tuned next week, when Cameron reveals the secret to keeping her tuck in place and how to illegally obtain hormones on the internet!

At Cinema-Con with Drew Barrymore in Vegas yesterday: