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Cameron Diaz Pokies


Unfortunate victims of cystic acne and rosacea: showing people your nipples is a sure-fire way to distract from ruddy, pock-marked skin. If you aren’t in a strip club or Europe or some other place where bare bosoms are embraced, you could just wear a thin shirt and no bra. Like Cameron Diaz here, for example. It was a full fifteen seconds of staring at her wonky nips before I noticed that it looked like she’d misted her face with hydrochloric acid and then scrubbed it off with a Brillo pad. Another easy diversion from embarrassing skin flare-ups is growing a beard or getting a face transplant. Of course, they take a little more time, so if you’re in a hurry or averse to seven hour surgeries you should just show your nipples. You can’t go wrong with boobies!

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