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Celeb Trend Done Right… and WRONG: Aqua

I love aqua for summer, but as with all trends, there are ways to do it right (Stevie Lynn Jones, left) and ways to do it wrong (Barbara Windsor, right). I consider aqua an umbrella term for any shade of blue-green. You could argue that Barbara’s pantsuit is technically more blue than aqua, but then stuff like that is exactly why no one ever invites you to parties. Rude.

So… what did Stevie do right?

RIGHT: Colorblocking

RIGHT: Lace detail

RIGHT: Natural fabrics and simple accessories

And where Barbara went wrong:

WRONG: No head to toe aqua. Ever.

WRONG: No polyester blends

WRONG: No matching eyeshadow. EVER!!!

Get in on the aqua trend for summer in the gallery above and note the lack of aqua shadow and petrochemicals