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Christian Bale is an Asshole

christian bale terminator rant

Remember that little story about Christian Bale going berserk on the “Terminator Salvation” photography director for inadvertently walking on the set in the middle of his scene? Well, the audio of the event has made its way online, and it’s even worse than you imagined:

Bale says “I want you off the fucking set, you prick.”

“I’m sorry,” [the director of photography] replies.

“No, don’t just be sorry. Think for one fucking second,” Bale shouts. “What the fuck are you doing? Are you a professional or not?”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, no. Am I gonna fucking rip your lights down in the middle of the scene? What the fuck is it with you? What the fuck don’t you understand? You got any fucking idea about… Hey, it’s fucking distracting having somebody walking up behind Bryce [Dallas Howard] in the middle of the fucking scene. Give me a fucking answer. What don’t you get about it?”

Oh, and that’s just a little taste. It goes on and on for about four minutes, with Bale threatening to quit the movie unless the director of photography is fired. It’s awful. Really, the only way he could seem like more of an asshole is if he ended it by kicking a puppy and telling an orphan with Downs Syndrome to go fuck himself.

Click here to listen to the audio

At the Dark Knight premiere in Japan with his wife Sibi:

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