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Elsa Pataki’s Short Hair and My Other Favorites at the Yo Dona Awards

There was so much to like at the Yo Dona International Awards in Madrid last night, but if I had to pick my favorite look of the night, it’d be Elsa Pataki’s layered pixie crop. I don’t usually like short hair, but this cut is amazing. It’s ideal for her hair’s texture and the perfect shape for her bone structure. It’s sexy and edgy and fun. It’s also a cut that will look hideous unless you wash/blowdry/flat iron/pomade it every morning, stay inside on days with humidity over eighty percent, steer clear of high winds, and go in for weekly trims and bi-monthly root touch-ups. It’s a little bit of work, but as Elsa clearly demonstrates, it’s so worth it.

The rest of the night’s faves in the gallery above!