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Fashion FAIL: Fivel Stewart at the Warm Bodies Premiere

Up-and-coming actress Fivel Stewart had the misfortune of both these shoes and the name “Fivel” at the “Warm Bodies” premiere in L.A. last night, which is a heavy burden to bear when you’re dressed like Mr. Rogers from the waist up and The Breaksfast Club from the waist down.

WHAT SHE DID WRONG (besides the entire outfit, I mean): Fivel should have gone with a scoop neck or boatneck top instead of a v-necked sweater, because the deep V pulls the eye downward, elongating her already swan-like neck to freakishly E.T.-like proportions. She looks like one of the cloners on Kamino from Episode II.

WHAT SHE DID RIGHT: Her glasses are actually really cute. They still have the whole geek-chic thing going on, but they aren’t as clunky and thick as the hipster frames of years past, and the red is unexpected and fun. Oliver Peoples makes a great pair of red frames, but the less bold can still get the same overall aesthetic with these tortoise shell frames from Elizabeth & James.