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First Lady’s Recycled Fashion and Other News

Michelle Obama and her bangs wore a new ultramarine Reed Krakoff dress for President Barack Obama’s official swearing-in Sunday morning, but recycled her black sequined boatneck Michael Kors dress from 2009 for the Inaugural Reception that evening. Fashionistas everywhere agreed, it was the perfect way to say “four more years of the same old crap” using only sequins and polyester/elastane blends.

Matthew McConaughey says he was “pissed off” that his buddy Lance Armstrong lied about using performance-enhancing drugs. (Celebitchy)

Miley Cyrus continues her mission to be 2013′s quintessential fashion DON’T. (Moe Jackson)

Beyonce over-sings at Barack Obama’s inauguration, while Kelly Clarkson over-blondes it. I’m gonna have to declare this one a draw. (The Daily Stab)

“Thor’s” Chris Hemsworth’s biceps are as big around as my entire torso. I’ve seen silverback gorillas with less definition. (Socialite Life)

Drunk British people look remarkably similar to drunk American people. Hard to keep the pinky up when lying facedown on the pavement. (Caveman Circus)

Olivia Munn looks weathered and worn, like an old hot dog stand on the beach that someone forgot to nail up before the hurricane hit. (popoholic)

Through the miracle of science, men can now go through the pain of childbirth, and through the miracle of the internet, you can now watch them do it. (Seriously? OMG)

Naomi Watts’ hair: you can have it, and here’s how. (Fab Over 40)

VS model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley debuts her new line of vintage-themed lingerie. (Skinny vs Curvy)

Selena Gomez sings Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” in a retaliatory move directed at ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, who sang it at one of his shows earlier in the month. See, this is what happens when you wean an entire generation High School Musical and Glee. (The Stir)