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Good Cleavage vs Bad Cleavage

It is universally known that are two types of cleavage: good cleavage (Linsey Godfrey, right) and bad cleavage (Kendra Wilkinson, left). So how can you determine if your cleavage is GOOD cleavage like Linsey’s, or BAD cleavage like Kendra’s? Easy. There are ten simple ways to tell.


10. If your cleavage looks like it should be measured in pounds per square inch, it’s BAD.

9. If it hurts to look at your cleavage, it’s bad.

8. If your cleavage is attached to Heidi Montag, Christina Aguilera, Tori Spelling or Tara Reid, it’s BAD.

7. If aereola is visible, your cleavage is BAD.

6. If you can touch your chin to your chest without looking down, your cleavage it’s BAD.

5. If someone mistakes you for Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife at a water park, your cleavage is BAD.

4. If you’re on the cover of National Geographic, your cleavage is BAD.

3. If you can measure your cleavage with a protractor, it’s BAD.

2. If I can see clear down to your bellybutton when you reach for the bread basket, your cleavage is BAD.

1. If you can and DO keep your cell phone and keys in it, your cleavage is BAD.

Check out some GOOD ways to sport cleavage in the gallery above!