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Hot or Not: Julianne Hough’s Faux Freckles

Julianne Hough posted a picture of herself with some convincing sun damage across her nose and cheeks yesterday and tweeted ‘Painted some freckles on for my audition! #closetedmakeupartist.’ It’s better than the real thing, I guess. Sun damage always starts off cute — a couple of innocent freckles — but then one day you wake up and realize you have the skin of a dehydrated walrus and it sounds like two baseball gloves being rubbed together when you walk. But by then of course it’ll be too late, and all you’ll have left is tequila and your squamous cell carcinomas. See Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil for details.

Since most of us are going-the-other-way-thanks when it comes to hyperpigmentation, four simple solutions for age spots under $100!: