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Hot or NOT: The Chanel Lego Bag

Karl Lagerfeld debuted a chunky plastic clutch that looks like a big Lego block on the runway at the Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 show, and now it’s supposedly the new “it” bag in Hollywood. And it can be all yours for just under $10,000! The Daily Mail says:

Crafted from high gloss hard vinyl with the interlocking C logo picked out in raised plastic, the Chanel Lego has been an opinion divider ever since its catwalk debut. But a range of fashion-forward stars have already snapped up the arm candy.

Despite being made from relatively inexpensive Plexiglas, [the Chanel Lego is] more than twice the price of the iconic quilted Chanel handbag.

The tiny creations come in green, yellow, pink and blue and can be worn as a clutch or across the body with a matching chain strap.

You could take one of those Mega Bloks they give toddlers and special kids to play with, shellac it, stick a chain strap on it, and you’d pretty much have the same purse. It’s practically a lunchbox with a logo. The counterfeit purse market just pooped its collective pants with sheer delight.

VERDICT: I’m on the NOT side on this one. I prefer the iconic quilted bags, which you can check out in the gallery above.