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Kanye West’s A.P.C. Line for American Apparel Sells Out in Hours

Kanye West’s new menswear collection for American Apparel sold out hours after its launch yesterday, not because of its stellar price point and quality design, but because people are stupid enough to spend $120 on a plain white t-shirt. The Daily Mail says:

Kanye West’s collection with APC [quickly] sold out after it went on sale yesterday… and the heavy stream of traffic even caused the site to crash.

The collaboration features T-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans priced between $120 and $280.

APC creative director Jean Touitou, who worked with Kanye West on the new collection, told W Magazine that because of Kanye’s ‘strong obsessions,’ it took two years to create just three items.

Two years? Seriously, it took him two years to create what amounts to a crappy Trayvon Martin costume? Unbelievable. You could spend a hundred and twenty dollars on Kanye’s stupid “hip-hop” tee, or you could get every one of the white tees in the gallery above and still have enough left over for some Black & Milds and a forty.