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Ke$ha Sex Tape Leaked

Pop singer Ke$ha may be the latest celebrity to have a sex tape leaked online. Her rep denies it, of course, but I’m not so sure. Nine MSN says

X-rated stills of the clip were posted on the website today, along with a post describing the footage as “what appears to be singer Ke$ha engaging in sexual intercourse and other fun stuff with an unknown man”.

The 23-year-old’s rep has put a sock in those rumors though, telling press, “This is not Ke$ha in the photos,” and forcing the website to remove the pics.

So if it’s not her, why force them to take down the pics? That’s like telling the police, “Oh, that’s not my car,” and then pulling the keys out of your purse so you can grab your Creedence CDs and your smokes out of the front seat before they haul it to impound. Dumbass.

In next month’s Maxim here, and the one song she’s famous for after the jump: