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Kendall Jenner is Selling

Since I wouldn’t be caught watching a show where any Kardashian is starring, I didn’t know that there’s yet another sister to pimp. Kendall Jenner, at the tender age of 14, is ready to take her wares to market. And by “wares” I mean “way underage titties and ass”. Says Star Magazine,

Watch out Kim, Khloe and Kourtney — your little sis might be stealing your spotlight! But are the pics too much for a 14-year-old?

On this past season of E!’s Keeping up with the Kardashians, we saw the trio’s little sister Kendall Jenner express interest in having a modeling career. There was immediate interest from popular teen retailer Forever 21 and we saw Kendall do her very first photo shoot. But that’s not the last we’ll be seeing of her in front of the lens!

The up-and-coming model was photographed by Nick Saglimbeni last week, and she couldn’t contain her excitement! She later tweeted, “Just uploaded some of the pics from thursdays photo shoot! :)” with a link to some of her pictures.

In the photos from the shoot, Kendall wears a skimpy bikini and heavy eye makeup, making her look way older than her 14 years.

Her older sisters seem to approve, taking to their own blogs or Twitter to praise the snapshots. Khloe wrote: “I CANNOT get over how unbelievable she looks. In my head, Kendall is still my adorable 2-year-old sister whose diaper needs changing LOL…when did she turn into a supermodel?!”

Kourt and Kim were just as excited, with the eldest sibling writing, “I am speechless. She looks amazing!! So proud of you, Kendall” and Kim predicting, “She’s going to take over the modeling world… you just watch!”

If the modeling thing doesn’t pan out, with her youthful, boyish good looks she could always do bacha bazi. I hear it’s big in Afghanistan.

From Kendall’s Facebook page and from Kourtney’s blog: