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Kim Kardashian for Arabian Fashion Magazine Hia

While the phrase “high-end Arabian fashion” is hilarious in and of itself, the editors at high-end Arabian fashion magazine Hia decided to put amateur porn star/poster child for the Great Satan Kim Kardashian on their February cover. I’m sure all the boys down at Death to the Infidel Weekly thought it was a real hoot. The Daily Mail says:

The reality star swapped her usual fashion for a series of veils in a cover shoot for Arabian luxury women’s magazine Hia.

While she may have been veiled, Kim was certainly not demure, [unwrapping] her conservative outer gear to reveal a daring plunging gown which shows off her breasts.

The cover itself was more suitable for the middle east market, with Kim posing in a white Stéphane Rolland dress, her hair covered by a matching long white veil.

If they couldn’t land Kim Kardashian, Hia was just going to put a niqab on an inflatable doll and mail it to Al-Qaeda in an envelope made out of the Koran. Either way, it’s just the kick in the pants they need to finally get Crimson Jihad off the ground running in 2013.

If you’re doing long sleeves on a white dress, it’s better to raise the hem, like with this dress from Velvet. If you’re doing an ivory tie-neck blouse, consider a bra and not taking scissors to it first (unless of course you have an eight-foot veil you could wrap around yourself to protect your modesty).