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Leslie Fremar is Hollywood’s New It Girl Stylist

Leslie Fremar (pictured with Julianne Moore on the left) has dethroned stylite Rachel Zoe (check out her line in the gallery above) as “the most powerful stylist in Hollywood.” The Daily Mail says:

The New York-based stylist first worked at Vogue as Anna Wintour’s assistant before becoming fashion director Tonne Goodman’s assistant… [and then] went on to work as director of VIP relations at Prada, where she met Salma Hayek.

Impressed, the actress’ manager introduced Ms Fremar to Julianna Moore, and she has been styling on her own ever since.

This is just like The Emperor’s New Clothes, except the Emperor isn’t naked — he’s wearing the puffy shirt from Seinfeld. What kind of stylist wears something like that? If anything, owning a puffy shirt should immediately disqualify you from becoming a stylist. It’s one of many fashion red flags that should warn you that your so-called stylist is really charlatan who will make a laughingstock out of you at social gatherings. In fact, there are ten fashion red flags you should specifically inquire about when hiring a someone to dress you. I made a handy list for you. Ask the stylist:


  1. A puffy shirt
  2. Anything labeled “cabana wear”
  3. Rihanna’s double-top jeans
  4. Anything made by Ed Hardy
  5. A tracksuit
  6. Shoulder pads
  7. Crocs you wear anywhere other than a gym shower
  8. A fanny pack
  9. Opera cape with hood (OR a Jedi outer tunic)
  10. Harem pants

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then your answer is NO. I just saved you $275 an hour plus travel expenses.