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Matthew Vaughn is the Father of January Jones’ Baby

There were rumors before, but it’s all but been confirmed that the father of January Jones’ unborn baby is the director of her latest movie “X-Men:First Class,” Matthew Vaughn. It’s also looking like Vaughn’s supermodel wife Claudia Schiffer has been wise to the affair since April. E! Online says:

According to multiple knowledgeable X-Men sources, Vaughn and Schiffer “abruptly” left town at roughly the same time Jones made her surprise baby announcement in April, even though the couple was tentatively scheduled to stay on through May.

[Additionally, Matthew was a no-show at the premiere of his own movie] in New York yesterday— but January [and] other cast members [were there].

His rep [claims] Matthew could not attend the New York screening because of a “severe” case of tonsillitis. Miraculously, though, Mr. Vaughn still seemed quite the chatty Cathy for X-Men interviews on the same day. His health seemed to be in tip-top shape.

Multiple sources from the set insist Jones and Vaughn were “very close” throughout shooting.

Something’s not adding up here, and it’s not just Vaughn’s dubious throat.

So he swapped one frigid rail-thin blonde for another just like her, only one younger and less attractive. How very sexually adventurous of him. What do you want to be he even uses his left hand to masturbate sometimes? Crazy!

Claudia in Cannes; January at the premiere last night: