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Megan Fox’s Sexy Lesbian Scene


Get ready to cream your pants, boys — Transformers star Megan Fox has a sexy lesbian scene with the blonde from “Mamma Mia!” in her latest movie. According to Rush and Molloy

Girl-on-girl alert: Hottie Megan Fox and starlet Amanda Seyfried “make out hard-core, rolling around in a bed” in the upcoming zombie flick “Jennifer’s Body”. A source [says]: “It’s a really hot scene.”

I’d like to see how you’d make a scene with Megan Fox that wasn’t sexy. Unless it involves a cup of fresh feces and complimentary barf sessions all around, just about anything Megan Fox does is masturbatory gold. Kinda like my assless chaps and rhinestone nipple clamps. Gold, I tell ya! My ass cheeks are practically synonymous with Black Hills of South Dakota.

Stills from “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” (the nun pics) and candids on the set of “Transformers” (not nun):