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Met Gala’s Biggest Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Claire Danes’ heavy lower liner makes her eyes look smaller and closer together, which in turn makes her nose look bigger. These are not things you want your eye makeup doing. A little more definition on top (try Lorac Pro Cream Eyeliner, $19) and a strip of false lashes (Illamasqua, $15) could have fixed this right up.

I assume Ginnifer Goodwin is playing the role of a young John Travolta playing the part of Cleopatra in a Lifetime Liz Taylor biopic. This is why you want to stick with powder and wax (Benefit Brow Zings, $30) instead of a magic marker when beefing up your eyebrows.

January Jones looks like Ziggy Stardust’s equally androgynous kid sister. Instead of stupid futuristic shapes, keep liner soft and smudgy to make your eyes look bigger. Lancome’s Le Stylo waterproof eyeliner, $26, has a sponge-tipped end just for blending.