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Miley Cyrus Pics Are Real


There’s no denying it now — those Miley Cyrus MySpace pics that made the rounds on Monday are 100% real. But don’t think her publicist is going to be owning up to it anytime soon when there’s still a chance the public will buy the whole “imposter” theory. You know, like Miley has an evil twin intent on destroying her good name so she can bring down the Bradys and have Tad all to herself once and for all. According to NBC daytime, shit like that happens all the time. The AP reports

Less-than-wholesome photos of a girl bearing a close resemblance to the 15-year-old superstar are making the rounds on the Internet. [Photos] shows the Cyrus look-alike tugging at her white tank top to reveal a green bra [and] bare midriff while draped over a young male. This isn’t the first time risque photos of someone resembling Cyrus have circulated online.

The actress-singer’s publicists Jill Fritzo and Meghan Prophet didn’t return messages from The Associated Press seeking comment.

Fact: the girl in the photo above is wearing the same bra, nail polish, necklace, and bracelets that Miley was photographed wearing on March 19th, so either there’s a wormhole to a parallel dimension hidden somewhere in L.A., or else Disney and Dateline NBC are collaborating to make you a television star.