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More Skanky Miley Cyrus Pictures Leaked


More skanky Miley Cyrus pictures hit the net over the weekend — these supposedly hacked from her cellphone and intended for Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Hannah Montana, now with more wet t-shirt and bare midriff action! Arrest record sold separately. According to Nine MSN

The supposed email hacker bragged that these were the most innocent of the photos he found, and that he would be selling the rest to the highest bidder.

“I have worse pictures than these,” he posted on the Digital Gangster forum, “and those are prob getting sold. I saw alot (sic) of juicy emails, but I never thought of saving them.. now I kick myself for not.. there where (sic) so many juicy emails that I read…”

“Juicy” ‘tween text messages? A bunch of multiple consonants in all capital letters? Please. I’m an old-fashioned kinda girl. I like my skank talk long-winded and ripe with vowels, preferably in scrolling cursive on perfumed stationary. I guess it’s more of a generational thing, really.

On the beach in Malibu July 11th: