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Nobody’s Buying John Travolta’s Fake Hair and Other News

John Travolta

John Travolta’s little chin swatch looks just as real as his hair piece. I’m glad Kate Winslet’s merkin from “The Reader” is still getting some use, though. And not just by the set crew guys who liked to prank each other with it.

Interweb shakedown:

Former Tiffany & Co. executive Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun arrested for allegedly stealing more than 165 pieces of Tiffany jewelry before leaving the company in February. And probably a couple of staplers, too. (Gawker)

Who did you wanna punch more at the Chanel show in Paris — Kristen Stewart or Rihanna? (Celebitchy)

True story: a dog barfed on Christie Brinkley. (Hollywood Rag)

Sienna Miller and her French fiance make out in a new ad campaign for Burberry. (Hollywood PQ)

Ryan Seacrest has a new redheaded replacement beard! (Moe Jackson)

In honor of the Fourth, the ten most insane last stands in military history. (Mandatory)

Lindsay Lohan somehow made it to 27! A bunch of you are now out the five bucks you put in the office pool. (Evil Beet)

Mariah Carey was LIPSYNCHING at the BET Awards! (popbytes)

Summer staple: the yellow bag! (Modavanti)

Jennifer Aniston said eating a Big Mac was like “putting gasoline in a purified system.” And she wonders why nobody likes her. (ICYDK)

Kristen Wiig says no to Bridesmaids 2, shaming the boys of The Hangover. (Daily Stab)

Jessie James in a bikini because that’s what celebrities do. They wear bikinis. (Celeb Slam)

Well, here’s the answer to all of Paula Deen’s prayers: a porn company is offering her half a million dollars. (Huffington Post)

Benefit’s new They’re Real Mascara — is it worth the hype? (Fab Over Forty)

More proof Michael Jackson was a pedophile pervert who preyed on children with famewhoring parents. (ONTD)

Baby suckerpunch! (Socialite Life)

Hugh Jackman is my favorite male celebrity and the X-Men are my favorite Marvel characters, so I will be watching this new “Wolverine” featurette over and over again for the next 30 minutes. (Pajiba)

The sad tale of the kitten who was terrible at jumping. (Jezebel)

Sarah Sampio is Victoria’s Secret’s new Adriana Lima. (DS)

Blind item: this A-/B+ starlet is notorious for her bad breath, an unfortunate side effect of too much vomiting. (BG)

Henry Cavill is a single man again, ladies! (The Blemish)