Every last thing about these outfits is wrong, shoes and handbags included, and I can’t believe either of those abominations actually qualifies as a dress. Miley’s wearing a Pretty Woman costume and I don’t even know where to start with Katy Perry. I think the big fat zero on the front speaks for itself.


Rihanna Balmain 2014

If you took the denim outfits Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore to the 2001 VMAs, then ran them through a Mr. T filter and cross-processed them with Madonna’s Like a Virgin album cover, you’d have Rihanna’s new spring 2014 Balmain ad campaign. But that seems like a whole lotta work for one really terrible outfit.

Web finds + fun + fashion + fails:

Miley Cyrus working her Miley magic on Kellan Lutz. (Celebitchy)

PETA calls for cancellation of Duck Dynasty. I call for it, too, but for different reasons. I’m anti-beard. (ONTD)

Demi Lovato says she was “doing lines of coke in an airport bathroom” at her lowest point. (The Blemish)

Target WON’T be carrying Beyonce’s new album. (Huffington Post)

Fifteen shows to binge watch over Christmas break so you don’t have to actually interact with your relatives. (Mandatory)

Mary-Kate Olsen’s family is urging her to get a prenup if she marries her creepy boyfriend. I’m urging her to get a velveteen hanger for the skin suit he’s going to make out of her. Trust. (Evil Beet)

NO electricity was used in the making of this scarf, only bicycles. (Modavanti)

“Anchorman 2″ will not inspire a collection of Internet memes, nor will it be quoted extensively in the years to come. This makes me sad. (Pajiba)

The top ten most epic abs in movie history, because epic abs are important to me. (Socialite Life)

Kanye West is dropping a quarter of a million dollars on a “style team” for Kim Kardashian because “he wants his lady to always look perfect.” (Celeb Slam)

What ads would look like with “diverse” bodies. Hint: not that great. (Jezebel)
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I don’t even like to say “denim on denim” because it sounds so terrible, but it was a huge trend this year, and when it doesn’t read like a Canadian tuxedo, it looks fantastic. Like on Alessandra Ambrosio here. Just copy everything she’s doing and you should be fine. Any deviations from the formula and you risk looking like a professional bull rider/ranch hand from Texas.


shirt:: Forever 21 Studded Denim Shirt ($29.80)

jeans: AG Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Cigarette Jeans ($188.00)

boots: Mango studded leather ankle boots (reg $109.99 sale $49.99)


Well, let me be the first to say I am NOT a Belieber. I have never wanted to beat the Christmas spirit out of someone before. Too bad there’s never a yule log around when you need one.

And P.S. Vanilla Ice wants his haircut back.

Since Santa’s the only one who can pull off a red suit in December, check out some red blazers instead in the gallery above!


Kristen Wiig

Really, orange lipstick? Ruched beaded loin panel? Gray and salmon? It looks like something an oracle would wear in a sixties Star Trek episode. Or maybe something Tootsie would wear for dinner and drinks. No.

Web finds, fun, fashion + fails:

The ten worst Christmas movies of all time. (Mandatory)

Does Kim Kardashian have an eating disorder? I don’t know, but if it’s good for ratings, I bet she does! (Celeb Slam)

How to be a lady in red: choosing the right shade for you. (Who What Wear)

OMG just click on it. You’ll be glad you did. (Jezebel)

Katy Perry is Vegas perfection at the NRJ Music Awards. (Hollywood PQ)

Look what Elle did to Jennifer Lawrence: photoshop before and after. (Pajiba)

How to take a look from “office” to “office party.” Hint: it’s not “taking off your bra.” I’m looking at YOU, human resources. (Fab Over Forty)

I’m pretty sure everybody hates Mark Wahlberg. (Daily Stab)

Exude elegance without looking overdone in a red jersey dress. (Modavanti)

Justin Bieber jokes about retiring and some of his twee fans threaten to kill themselves. I say let it go, it’s nature’s way. (Evil Beet)

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