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Quickies: Unmasked


It’s got David Hasselhoff and hot chicks! What more could you want? (Anaconda Snakes Game)

Wilmer Valderrama attends a children’s charity costume party dressed as a giant douche himself. (Celebitchy)

Traci Bingham still looks like a tranny troll even with the makeup. (Dirty Rotten Whore)

Paris Hilton takes a dump on her Funny or Die Paris-for-President video. (Websters)

Christina Aguilera’s new music video sucks know matter what color hair she’s got on. (MollyGood)

Lisa Marie Presley takes the twins to meet Elvis, but not slathered in peanut butter and quaaludes like he would have liked when he was alive. (Holy Moly)

The Best Horror Movie Death Scenes ever! (Pajiba)

Mischa Barton’s joint-twisting skills are weeeeak. (Ninja Dude)

Holly Madison must really really love cunnilingus. (The Rad Report)

Praise Jeebus! Jessica Biel finally looks hot again. (Bastardly)

Vintage celebrity costumes of yore. (Celebrity Smack)

Mariah Carey’s new video for her latest single is just as predictable and boring as the rest. (popbytes)