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Rapper Styles P Hit by Truck


Hip-hop entertainer Styles P (I’d never heard of him either; he’s an angry black man who raps, so that oughta narrow it down for you) suffered a broken leg after being hit by a truck last week. United Press International reports:

[The] 32-year-old rapper, whose real name is David Styles, told police that he was cut off by a truck; he then left his car to throw napkins at the truck’s windows. Styles claimed that as he was getting back into his car, the truck rammed him. The incident left the rapper with a broken leg… The truck’s 50-year-old driver reportedly told police that he was “in fear for his safety” when Styles got back into his car after throwing the napkins.

Let’s see… there was Tupac, who liked the AR-15, and Dr. Dre, who preffered the Tech-9. But the chosen armament for today’s rapper? Why, two-ply paper, of course! That ranks right up there with writing an indignant letter to the DMV or taking the truck driver off his Christmas card list. Thug life, baby! Thug life ’till we die! Um… well, kinda.