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Rihanna is a Lesbian Now

If you felt a great disturbance in the Force this morning, it’s probably because Rihanna’s a lesbian now. The NY Daily News says:

“I’m on my first date in almost 2 yearz,” the singer tweeted, adding that her “lover for the night” was longtime friend Melissa Forde.

[Rihanna] and Forde were photographed holding hands after having dinner at Giorgio Baldi [and] making their way over to Roxbury nightclub.

Photos that Forde posted online earlier in the night may not help squash the speculation either.

Though Rihanna is usually the one tweeting scantily-clad photos of herself, Forde was the photographer behind a series of risqué images of the singer that have since been deleted from her account.

Jesus, that chick is heinous. It’s not just the angle, either. She looks equally repulsive from the side. I guess after two years, just about anything becomes fuckable. Just ask that dude that got his wiener stuck in a park bench or that guy who was busted porking his own bicycle.

Those aforementioned “risque photos” + some from her photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar (more after the jump):