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Robert Pattinon Signs a $12 Million Deal with Dior


Robert Pattinson earned a $12 million paycheck when he signed on as the petulant and forlorn face of Dior’s men’s fragrance, and now he’s pocketing another $4 million to be the birdy sunken chest of their menswear line. The Daily Mail says:

“The new advert [Robert shot for Dior] is sexually explicit,” a Dior source [revealed]. “It is pushing the boundaries of what you can get away with in advertising. Robert is topless for part of it.”

The film, which showcases the famed fashion house’s new menswear collection, will be released in May.

Interesting choice of words, “topless.” Usually with men, it’s “shirtless.” Like, no one would ever say “Hugh Jackman is topless in that one movie.” But after you’ve seen Robert Pattinson’s chest, you understand the slip-up. He’s one dri-weave texture and set of wings away from being an Always commercial.

Some of Pattinson’s finest work dubbed over by bad lip readers: