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S.S. Brooke Smith Fired from Grey’s Anatomy


Actress Brooke Smith, who plays the newly-gay Dr. Erica Hahn on the ABC series Grey’s Anatomy, has been abruptly fired from the show, presumably because Grey’s Anatomy has gone too gay for prime time. According to E! Online

Insiders connected to the ABC series that some of the gay-themed storylines are being downplayed and even erased from upcoming scripts. Grey’s has included a prominent bisexual/lesbian storyline this season in the blossoming relationship between Hahn (Smith) and Callie (Sara Ramirez). The storyline will end in this Thursday’s episode, which will be Smith’s last appearance on the series.

But executive producer Shonda Rhimes denied the too-gay claims in the following statement:

“Brooke Smith was obviously not fired for playing a lesbian. Clearly it’s not an issue as we have a lesbian character on the show—Calliope Torres. Sara Ramirez is an incredible comedic and dramatic actress and we wanted to be able to play up her magic. Unfortunately, we did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke’s character would sustain in the long run. The impact of the Callie/Erica relationship will be felt and played out in a story for Callie. I believe it belittles the relationship to simply replace Erica with ‘another lesbian.’ If you’ll remember, Cristina mourned the loss of Burke for a full season.”

I believe another factor in the impromptu firing is that producers finally realized that “ugly” does not equal “ratings.” Tack on the word “lesbian” to “ugly” and you’ve got yourself a bonafide Nielsons disaster. Unless Grey’s planned on working in a storyline with the Elephant Man’s long-lost twin sister, I’d say Brooke Smith already reached the apex of her career rubbing lotion on its skin from the bottom of a well.

Now, for some not-ugly Vida Guerra ass-action: