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Suri Cruise Launches a $3 Million Clothing Line and Other News

Suri Cruise, the seven-year-old celebrity offspring of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is reportedly launching her own clothing line this fall in New York. The Sun says:

The daughter of Tom Cruise has just inked a £1.5million deal and her label has been imaginatively named Suri.

If successful, the Suri brand will be rolled out in shops across North America next year.

The line will cover everything from dresses, tops and jeans to shoes and accessories.

Plans for a fashion range have been in the pipeline since last year, after several firms approached Katie.

The initial idea was for Suri to have a fashion blog, but the concept was extended after she started to talk about special designs for her clothes.

It seems a bit much, a seven-year-old with a fashion line, but if the Kardashians and Avril Lavigne can “design” clothes, then a second-grader is probably more than qualified.

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