81st academy awards nominees

The 81st annual Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, and it looks like Oscar has himself a case of Benjamin Button fever. People Magazine says

Benjamin Button led the field, with a total of 13 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Supporting Actress, Director and Screenplay. It was followed by Slumdog Millionaire, with 10.

Perennial nominee Meryl Streep, a two-time Oscar winner who already holds the record for most nominations of any actor or actress – this is her 15th time up at bat – was nominated as Best Actress in Doubt.

Also up for best picture: “Milk” and “The Reader.” Now, I understand including “The Reader,” because of its insightful meditation into the duality of human nature and the legacy of collective guilt inherited by the post-war generation. And — more importantly — it had boobs. But “Milk?!” For Best Picture? Please. Just because it’s about a gay doesn’t make it great. It just makes it gay. Kinda like your mom, but without the mustache and socialist agenda. Zing!

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