It was revealed last month that 25 years after she first modeled for the brand at 19, 44-year-old Christy Turlington is once again the face of Calvin Klein Underwear. She’s also the new face of Jason Wu and Prada. It’s nice to see fashion houses embracing women for their campaigns instead of just teenage girls. Sure, youth is beauty, but it’s a beauty without nuance or depth. Beauty at 40+ is beauty that has ripened into something else entirely, wizened by time and experience, more regal and sophisticated than the fresh-faced splendor of youth. All hail Christy Turlington, Queen of the Cougars!

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Something’s different about Demi Moore. I’ll give you a hint. It starts with “Photo” and ends with “Shop”. With a large dose of “CGI” thrown in there for good measure. Mail Online says,

Having notched up a marriage breakdown, severe weight loss, drug-related collapse and a stint in rehab over the past few months, Demi Moore has had a difficult time of it lately.

Naturally, she has been looking less than her best, the worry and torment of her experience etched across her thinning face.

But as heavily airbrushed photographs of the star from the latest campaign for beauty brand Helena Rubinstein are released, it is apparent that any such signs of stress have been entirely erased.

More than that, thanks to an over-zealous session with Photoshop and the omnipresent airbrush, the natural contours of Demi’s face are gone: her strong, angular chin; the lines running from nose to mouth, the shape of her nose – all are entirely obliterated.

The 49-year-old star is all but unrecognisable. In her place is a bleached, smooth, line-free version of Demi that looks more like a computer generated fembot than the familiar Hollywood actress with five decades under her belt.

I would imagine there’s nothing more insulting to Demi’s already damaged sense of self-worth than a company telling you in so many words, “we want to take your pictures and use them in our ad campaign, but only after we’ve taken 30 years off your face and corrected your imperfections”. No wonder she’s so fucked up.

Pepsi’s new “skinny can” is stirring up controversy with its ad featuring a seemingly-Photoshopped Sofia Vergara. Says Digital Spy,

Sofia Vergara has insisted that photos of herself taken for Pepsi’s ‘skinny can’ were not altered.

The beverage brand received criticism on the “thoughtless and irresponsible” campaign from the National Eating Disorders Association after it was suggested that the Modern Family actress’s image had been photoshopped to make her appear thinner.

However, Vergara denied the claims, saying that she looks slimmer in the photos because of a wardrobe choice.

“That is not true at all,” she told the Boston Herald.

“I saw the pictures, and now with technology, they’re looking at it on the screen right after they take them. It was just a different way of dressing me.”

What the hell is she talking about, anyway? It’s a profile shot of her face, part of her right boob and arm. You can’t even tell it’s her. People are just always looking for a reason to be offended these days, to pick up their collective skirts and leave in a huff. Like that time I went to a Victorian-era reenactment tea in blackface. I don’t know what the problem was, I was being historically accurate.

On the set of Modern Family:

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