It’s been quiet in the Mel Gibson camp for a while, so maybe the recent Christian holiday Easter has put new spark in the ol’ Jew-hating flames (‘cuz, you know, Jesus wasn’t Jewish or anything), because there’s suddenly a torrent of crazy coming from his camp. TMZ says,

Mel Gibson is sabotaging efforts to make a movie about Jewish biblical hero Judah Maccabee because he “hates Jews” … this according to the film’s screenwriter Joe Eszterhas.

Gibson and Eszterhas had been working on the project together … until Warner Bros. suddenly decided to pull the plug … and nobody seemed to know why.

But now, it’s crystal clear — there was a MAJOR rift between Gibson and Eszterhas … with Eszterhas firing off a harsh letter to Mel earlier this week … in which he says point blank, “I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason you won’t make ‘The Maccabees’ is the ugliest possible one. You hate Jews.”

The letter, obtained by, reads, “You continually called Jews ‘Hebes’ and ‘oven-dodgers’ and ‘Jewboys.’ It seemed that most times when we discussed someone, you asked ‘He’s a Hebe, isn’t he?’ You said most ‘gatekeepers’ of American companies were ‘Hebes’ who ‘controlled their bosses.’”

Eszterhas adds, “You said the Holocaust was ‘mostly a lot of horses**t.’ You said the Torah made reference to the sacrifice of Christian babies and infants. When I told you that you were confusing the Torah with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, … you insisted ‘it’s in the Torah — it’s in there!’ (It isn’t).”

He says Mel only wanted to make “The Maccabees” so he could “convert the Jews to Christianity.”

In his letter, Eszterhas says he witnessed Mel rail about his ex-GF and baby mama Oksana Grigorieva … saying, “You were raving at Oksana even after you’d reached a custody agreement over Luci.”

“And then you were even more explicit about your threat: “I’m going to kill her! I’m going to have her killed!” You said you’d become friends with two FBI agents (or former FBI agents) and they were going to help you to kill her.”

Mel responded by saying that it was a pack of lies, and that the real issue was that the script sucked.

And then he finishes off by saying that John Lennon deserved to be shot, because he was a “fucking messianic”.

Seriously, someone needs to get that man some medication. And possibly a shotgun lollipop.  It’s so screwed up it’s not just regularly fucked up, it’s a goddamned fustercluck.

A few pictures of Scarlett Johansson at the premiere of “The Avengers” today in Hollywood, because my head is still hurting:

Charlie Sheen spontaneous combustion in 3-2-1…TMZ has posted an open letter he wrote (and gave to TMZ) addressing the decision to shut down production on Two and a Half Men for the rest of the season. Charlie writes,

What does this say about Haim Levine [Chuck Lorre] after he tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me. I gracefully ignored this folly for 177 shows … I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can’t handle my power and can’t handle the truth. I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words — imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists. I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong.

Remember these are my people … not yours…we will continue on together…

Charlie Sheen

Then, after being called anti-Semitic for choosing to use the Hebrew translation of Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre’s name, he fired back with,

“I was referring to Chuck by his real name, because I wanted to address the man, not the bulls**t TV persona.”

FYI — Chuck’s birth name is Charles Levine … and Chaim is the Hebrew equivalent of the name Charles.

Charlie added, “So you’re telling me, anytime someone calls me Carlos Estevez, I can claim they are anti-Latino?”

I think that’s the only bit of sense that he’s made in this whole thing. If you’re verbally attacking someone and then pull out the ethnic version of someone’s name, chances are you’re trying to insult them. Like if I call drunken wife-abusing Charlie Carlos Estevez, then I’m making a point that of course he’s those things because he’s Latino, and everyone knows Latino men are all wife-beating drunks. Duh.

Mila Kunis at the Hollywood Reporter Big 10 Party, because crazy is rarely pretty:

If you’re wondering if Mel Gibson has always been the charmer he is today: in a word, ohfuckingyes. Winona Ryder told next month’s GQ magazine:

“I remember, like, fifteen years ago, I was at one of those big Hollywood parties. And he was really drunk. I was with my friend, who’s gay. He made a really horrible gay joke. And somehow it came up that I was Jewish. He said something about ‘oven dodgers,’ but I didn’t get it. I’d never heard that before. It was just this weird, weird moment. I was like, ‘He’s anti-Semitic and he’s homophobic.’ No one believed me!”

Sorry, but there’s just no such thing as a Holocaust “joke.” Although God knows it’s not for lack of me trying. Genocide jokes don’t elicit laughs. Much like this post, when you stop and think about it.


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