The Ass Heard Round the World Pippa Middleton is in hot water in France today after the driver of in the car in which she was riding starting waving a gun at the paparazzi. The Daily Mail says:

Disturbing images of the incident were captured on Saturday as Prince William’s 27-year-old sister-in-law traveled in an Audi convertible in the center of the French capital. The driver of the car can clearly be seen pointing what looks like a semi-automatic pistol at a photographer on a moped. It came just hours after Miss Middleton attended a lavish fancy dress party to celebrate the 29th birthday of Paris fashion entrepreneur Arthur de Soultrait. She left the bash at 6am.

A police source said that it was ‘absolutely forbidden’ for anyone to use a gun to ‘warn people off’ in France.’

We still don’t know who the man with the gun is or if Pippa had anything to do with it, but one thing’s for sure — he certainly wasn’t waving the gun because her t-zone wasn’t shiny enough. Jesus Christ. Blotting papers are your friend, Pippa!

Leaving Arthur de Soultrait’s party at six this morning:

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