Prince Albert watches a beach volleyball game

Prince Albert is old and bald and boring (he’s the one in the middle, in the black shirt) so nobody gives a shit about him.  But he’s technically a celebrity because he’s royalty, and he went to some beach volleyball thing, so he’s kindly providing a really convenient excuse to post this picture of a volleyball playin’ lady with her ass hangin’ out.  You pervs owe Prince Albert a thank you.

Beach Volleyball Olympics

I think it’s awesome that there’s an Olympic sport that requires making a fake beach, and the athletes wear bikinis. Who let beach volleyball be an Olympic sport, anyway? Was regular volleyball just not cutting it? Hells no. Where else in the Olympics do you have the opportunity to watch hard-bodied women bend over, dive, tumble, and jump, then pick their wedgies? If you say gymnastics, you’re a sick bastard. They’ve all got the bodies of 11 year olds, you perv.

Gold-medal winners Kerri Walsh and Misty May showing the sand some love

Beach Volleyball OlympicsBeach Volleyball OlympicsBeach Volleyball OlympicsBeach Volleyball OlympicsBeach Volleyball Olympics

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