Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: 40-ish divorced woman is cynical about dating. Female First tells the tale as old as time, or at least as old as your spinster aunt:

Jennifer Aniston says “dating sucks”.

The ‘Bounty Hunter’ star – who has romanced several famous men, including Vince Vaughn and John Mayer, and was previously married to Brad Pitt – gets frustrated because her evenings with men are always so unpredictable.

And Jennifer has even left dates early because she was having such a bad time.

She told Britain’s OK! magazine: “Dating sucks. I just don’t understand it. I’ve been on dates where I had to excuse myself on the pretext of going to the bathroom and instead I wound up walking out the door of a restaurant. I think it’s better, when you first meet someone, to put yourself in situations where you can relax and be open and learn about the other person and not worry about what may and may not happen.”

Despite her romantic problems, the 41-year-old actress still believes her ‘Mr. Right’ is out there and she is confident she will meet the perfect man for her one day.

She said: “Love chooses you, so you have to be open to the package it’s delivered in. People have all these ideas about how and when it’s supposed to happen but you can’t predict it. I still want to experience the beauty that comes with that feeling about someone and going forward in life with a partner.”

Well, if “Love chooses you”, then I think the one thing that we can come away from this story is that Love is giving Jennifer Aniston the finger.

Photo Source: Bauer-Griffin

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