Sienna Miller usually knocks it out of the park on the red carpet, but this Burberry dress is not doing it for her. The bodice doesn’t fit right, so everything from the waist up is kind of puckered and droopy and sad, plus it’s all wrinkled. It looks like she slept in it. I guess that would explain the hair, then.

But that color. It’s phenomenal. Jewel tones are always gorgeous against fair skin, but emerald green is my favorite. Even if only incorporated in accessory form, it’s still a punch your wardrobe should be packing. Check out some fun ways to work it into your wardrobe in the gallery above!


Jennifer Aniston wore a strapless purple satin Burberry dress with cut-out keyhole detail and suede Casadei heels to the premiere of her new movie “We’re the Millers,” presumably because her “Ask Me About My Womb!” t-shirt was in the wash. Come on now. She tones and sculpts and exercises four hours a day, so there’s no way she DOESN’T want us to talk about her belly in this dress. Is she actually pregnant? Did she have a big bowl of tortelloni alla zucca before the red carpet? Does she just want us to think she’s pregnant so she can get back on the cover of the tabloids and feel relevant again? I don’t know. But one thing I DO know: that dress would look fabulous on Angelina Jolie. High five!

Check out 5 ways to do purple strapless + 5 ways to do a keyhole neckline in the gallery above!


Sienna Miller wore a double strap bustier Burberry Prorsum spring 2013 dress and Prada shoes to ‘Just Like a Woman’ screening in New York City yesterday, and while her shoes are kind of boring and her hair could have been better, overall she looks amazing. Never underestimate the power of the little black dress, ladies. I keep one right next to the tire iron and baby wipes in my emergency roadside kit. I have yet to come across a situation that one of those three things can’t fix.

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Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is hospitalized after a suicide attempt. (The Blemish)

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Suiting up isn’t just for Hilary Clinton and Barney Stinson — ladies’ suits were all the rage at the Burberry show in London yesterday. Unfortunately, not everybody gets it right. Rita Ora, for instance, who reminds us why rickets and pleats are never a good mix. And also why we don’t lead with the crotch when taking a photograph. She’s standing like a man who just popped out from behind a subway sign with his trench coat open and his pants around his ankles. Advantage: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

More hits and misses from Burberry Prorsum’s catwalk show at London’s Fashion Week in the gallery above.

Emma Stone reportedly made a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend several years ago, and the only reason it’s not already making the rounds on the interwebs is because her ex is holding out for a bigger paycheck. Radar Online says:

“Emma Stone has a sex tape and that’s a fact,” the source [close to the actress said].

“She made it long before she started dating Andrew Garfield, and before she really became a household name. She was just young and… thought nothing would ever come of it.”

“The tape remains in the hands of the person she made it with,” the source said. “But that doesn’t mean there’s any guarantee that it won’t eventually hit the market. The higher Emma’s star rises, the more valuable that tape becomes.”

Please. Emma Stone is way too boring to have a sex tape. This story is about as believable as her accent in “The Help.” Somehow, I have a feeling Jim Carrey is the one behind this.

Get Emma’s belted Burberry trench coat here.

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