It was revealed last month that 25 years after she first modeled for the brand at 19, 44-year-old Christy Turlington is once again the face of Calvin Klein Underwear. She’s also the new face of Jason Wu and Prada. It’s nice to see fashion houses embracing women for their campaigns instead of just teenage girls. Sure, youth is beauty, but it’s a beauty without nuance or depth. Beauty at 40+ is beauty that has ripened into something else entirely, wizened by time and experience, more regal and sophisticated than the fresh-faced splendor of youth. All hail Christy Turlington, Queen of the Cougars!

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Eva Mendes and Jamie Dornan in the Calvin Klein Jeans spring 2010 ad campaign

Eva Mendes got all greased up and writhed around in the sand with Jamie Dornan in an effort to convince you that whitewashed jeans shouldn’t stay dead and buried where they belong, with nothing but Poison videos to remember them by.  Is it working?  Do you want to look like a Bret Michaels groupie yet?  Personally, I’m thinking that if Calvin Klein has this raging hard on for 80s throwbacks, they could’ve just resurrected those old Brooke Shields ads.

From the Calvin Klein Jeans spring 2010 ad campaign:

Eva Mendes and Jamie Dornan in the Calvin Klein Jeans spring 2010 ad campaignEva Mendes and Jamie Dornan in the Calvin Klein Jeans spring 2010 ad campaignEva Mendes and Jamie Dornan in the Calvin Klein Jeans spring 2010 ad campaign

Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein

You know, whenever I’m all get all shiny and oily looking all I get it, Sonya, you stink, Sonya, take a shower, Sonya, stop wrestling with those pigs! When Eva Mendes gets all greased up, someone whips out a camera, sandwiches her behind a hot guy and slaps her on a billboard. I get the hose. Sheesh, some women have all the luck.

Greasing Gracing the Sunset Strip in Hollywood

Eva Mendes for Calvin KleinEva Mendes for Calvin Klein

Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein


A downtown Manhattan Calvin Klein billboard ad depicting a three-on-one group sex scene has family values groups up in arms. Fox News says

The blue-jeans giant has unveiled a jumbo ad that shows two young men and a young woman entwined in a semi-nude threesome, as another man undresses.

Randy Sharp of the American Family Association [said], “I find this kind of ad repulsive, I find it disgusting, I find it inappropriate for a public venue.”

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, said, “This is graphic and intended to shock any sensibility — even in New York.”

Frankly, I don’t know what offends me more more — the depiction of a semi-nude threesome, or the man wearing the cuffed denim shorts. Both are pretty repulsive if you ask me.

And speaking of semi-nude, here are some pics of Olivia Wilde in next month’s Maxim:




Fashion designer Calvin Klein has chosen DIY abortion champion Eva Mendes to be the new face — well, new ass, technically — of their 2008 underwear ad campaign. OK! Magazine says

The advertisements, which will debut in the fall, will focus on “seductive comfort.” She will also be the face of a-yet-unnamed Calvin Klein fragrance.

Sorry, but in what kind of bizarro world do the words “seductive” and “comfort” go together? Comfort = flannel with butt flap; seductive = underwire and g-string burn. It’s a simple mathematic principle known as inversely proportionality. If one of the variables is directly proportional to the multiplicative inverse of the other, or if their product is a constant, it means that as the absolute value of one variable gets bigger (seductiveness), the absolute value of the other gets smaller (comfort). Or as Dr. Love says, “the longer it takes to put it on and the more it pinches, pulls, chafes and/or itches, the sexier it actually is.” Did I mention Dr. Love is in my pants? She’s really the authority on all things boudoir.

Eva departing JFK March 8th:


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