Jessica Simpson got the wind taken out of her sails once again when her ex-boyfriend Tony Romo revealed yesterday that wife Candice Crawford was pregnant with his child. Jessica, you’ll remember, has thus far refused to address the pregnancy rumors in the hopes that there’s still a big fat tabloid paycheck with her name on it. Doubtful. Us Magazine says:

“I actually have [a baby] on the way,” NFL star [Tony Romo] said during an anti-drug rally at Cedar Hill High School on Tuesday. “My wife is pregnant.”

Romo, 31, began dating Chace Crawford’s 24-year-old sister shortly after his breakup with Simpson, 30. Engaged since December 2010, the pair said “I Do” the following May.

Not only did Tony beat her to the alter, and he beat her to punch on the baby announcement, too. That has to hurt. In times like these, there are only three words that could possibly make Jessica Simpson feel any better. And those three words are “triple bacon cheese.”

Shopping for baby stuff yesterday:

PHOTO SOURCE: Fame Pictures

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