People magazine had a topsecret exclusive celebrity-coming-out-of-the-closet interview set to hit newsstands this week, only TMZ found out who the mystery gay was and effectively pissed all over their parade:

The big “coming out” announcement planned for this week will be … country star Chely Wright.

Wright has a book coming out this week as well — it’s called “Like Me.” And she has a CD coming out too — called “Lifted Off the Ground.”

Wright is the first major country artist ever to come out. It’s unclear how traditionally-conservative country fans will react.

Chely Wright had one song that topped the charts eleven years ago and one ACM award back in 1999, meaning she’s completely obsolete in every sense of the word. But now that’s she’s the “first ever country music singer to come out as a gay,” her CD (which drops tomorrow!) and book (available now!) are suddenly financially viable. Bullshit. This whole thing is one great big marketing maneuver. If her coming out of the closet were any more fucking calculated, you’d need an old-timey adding machine with a lever and one of those green plastic visors.

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