James Kambewa, the father of the little girl that Madonna is trying to steal for her supper adopt, spoke up against her fitness to be a mother. I hope he has a silver bullet handy, she may come for him next. Digital Spy reports,

James Kambewa, the father of four-year-old Mercy James, has accused Madonna of not portraying good morals.

Madonna attempted to adopt the child in Malawi last month, but her application was denied by the authorities in that country.

The pop superstar is said to be confident about the prospects of overturning this ruling at an appeal on Monday.

Kambewa told the Daily Mail: “Madonna has millions of dollars but that doesn’t make her a good mum. Parental love is more than money.

“Besides, I don’t think Madonna is a model mum. I have seen her in movies of her songs. She doesn’t portray good morals.”

He added: “How can a woman of 50 dance almost naked on stage? I wouldn’t want my daughter to grow up like that! In Malawi women respect themselves. Cultured women do not go about half-naked.

“I also heard after her marriage failed she is already seeing two men, both very younger than her and her ex-husband. I hear one of them is even less than half her age. That’s scandalous. How can a normal woman fall for a boy who can as well be her son? No, spare my Mercy that scandal.”

I love it that some pauper in a third world country has more good sense than the idiots who would willingly give a child to Madonna’s “care”. But I’d watch your back, James. It wouldn’t surprise me if he suddenly “disappeared” for daring to speak against The Madge.

Madge, the fam, Jesus Luz and a manny arriving at the Kabbalalalalah Centre:

Madonna and familyMadonna and familyMadonna and familyMadonna and familyMadonna and familyMadonna and family

Madonna and familyMadonna and familyMadonna and familyMadonna and familyMadonna and familyMadonna and family

Madonna in Malawi

Madonna’s latest bid at the orphan market was rejected by a Malawi judge this morning.  From Us Weekly:

Madonna‘s application to adopt Chifundo “Mercy” James, 3, was turned down by a Malawi judge Friday morning in court, has confirmed.

The judge cited requirements that adoptive parents reside in the country for 18 to 24 months.

Madonna, 50, can appeal against the order. She adopted David Banda, 3, in 2006 without meeting the residency requirements, which caused outrage by non-governmental groups that felt she was using her celebrity status to bend the law.

Judge Esme Chombo had been expected to sign off on the adoption at Lilongwe High Court.

Madonna’s lawyer Alan Chinula told Us Wednesday: “I am not sleeping sleepless nights over this. I don’t see any law in Malawi that can stop this adoption.”

Well, I guess either this will drag itself out in Malawi courts, or Madonna will have to find a new orphan to buy.  Either way, I couldn’t care less if I tried.

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