Beyonce looked like some kind of Far East prostitute/Ming vase hybrid at the Met’s Costume Gala Ball Monday night, and besides cutting off the circulation to her cleavage, her Emilio Pucci gown was so tight that it made taking stairs impossible. According to Nine MSN:

Beyonce couldn’t climb the stairs on her own. She had to be hoisted up by her husband Jay Z and a helper.

Maybe she didn’t plan for anything more athletic than shuffling down the red carpet.

What a stupid fucking dress. There’s no form and there’s no function. It looks like she was shrink-wrapped upside down in Chinese tapestries like some kind of crappy gift basket you might get from a distant relative at Christmas. At least Hickory Farms makes sure to load theirs with Beef Summer Sausages. I bet there’s not even a cheese log in there!

PHOTO SOURCE: Fame Pictures

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