1-year-old Louis Bardo continues to enjoy his ridiculously good fortune of being Sandra Bullock’s adopted son as he was gifted with a painting by famous American artist Andy Warhol. Digital Spy reports,

Sandra Bullock’s 1-year-old son Louis Bardo has received an Andy Warhol ‘Peaches’ painting as a gift.

The famous Warhol painting was given by the actress’s agent, who won the artwork at an auction, reports US Weekly.

The auction was held at the amFAR Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles on Thursday, and Bullock’s agent topped the bidding with $14,000 (¬£9,900). Proceeds from the auction will be donated to amFAR’s AIDS research.

Bullock, who adopted her son in January 2010, also was a guest at the gala to honor the creator of amfAR, the late Elizabeth Taylor.

“I want to thank Kevin Huvane and Bryan Lourd for not being cheap f**ks and gifting my son with his first Warhol,” the Blind Side actress quipped.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? If little Louis had been left in his native New Orleans, he could’ve ended up stealing valuable artwork instead of being gifted it. Fate has quite a sense of humor.

You saw pictures earlier of Sandra at the amfAR Gala, so here are some pictures of Kylie Minogue in fishnets.

I’m guessing this is one of those times that Lady Gaga indulged in doing a little coke. Or more like, a shitload of it. She surprised and thrilled the queens in her audience by doing a little crowd surfing this weekend. Says Popeater,

Lady Gaga returned to Lollapalooza this past weekend for the first time since 2007, and it’s safe to say the crowd was just a bit bigger this time around. Gaga went from playing a humble singer-songwriter set on a side stage to opening the festival, bringing in a “massive” special stage with her that event founder and Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Ferrell admittedly invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into. “Only Lady Gaga could step in and say ‘I’m a headliner,’” Ferrell told Britain’s Daily Star.

Gaga may have upgraded but she certainly hasn’t lost her rock-and-roll spirit. After her own extravagant set, Gaga surprised Semi Precious Weapons fans by joining the band on-stage during their performance and causing a near riot. Wearing little more than fishnet stockings and strategic golden pasties, Gaga rocked out on drums before stage diving into the unsuspecting crowd and, to the dismay of her bodyguard, crowd surfing around for a bit.

She looks like a retarded Parkinson’s patient having a seizure beating that drum. The video clip didn’t go the way I was hoping it would. I was hoping that the crowd would get so excited they’d converge on her and strip her down to the bone like the dung beetles did in The Mummy. She is a big pile of shit, after all. Why can’t I get my way?

Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves

The Really Unfortunate Looking Cyrus, a.k.a. Noah Cyrus, thinks it’s about time for your young daughters to be able to look like a mini hooker¬†too! Says Star Magazine:

Miley’s little sister is teaming up with her bestie Emily Grace Reaves, 9, to launch a clothing line for Ooh! La, La! Couture. The line will be called the Emily Grace Collection but both girls will wear the designs on their YouTube series Noie & Ems, touring with Miley and on the red carpet.

“Emily is launching the clothing line along with her BFF and costar Noah Cyrus,” the press release states. And the pieces promise to have a “trendy, sweet, yet edgy feel.”

In a clip on their YouTube channel, Noah and Emily show off their outfits to Miley backstage at one of her tour stops. Noah is wearing a tank top, black tulle skirt and argyle socks while Emily is decked out in a leopard print ensemble with fishnets.

“I want one of those,” Miley says to Emily in the clip.

Did you read that? Fishnets on a 9 year old girl. It’s really creepy to see them with their little miniature hats perched on their heads like they’re in a burlesque show or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if their line had thongs and black lace underwire training bras. Bleh.

lady gaga ace awards lace mask

Lady Gaga was one of the guests of honor at the 13th annual ACE Awards in Manhattan last night, and if you’re wondering if she dressed like a complete jackass, well, of course she did. It’s her shtick. It keeps you from noticing how much her music sucks. The Daily Mail says

The singer attended the Accessories Council Excellence (ACE) Awards in New York… [in some very] bizarre headgear.

The 23-year-old singer wore a black lace veil partially covering her Marie Antoinette-style big hair, which was topped with a black beaded crown, a pink bra over a black shirt, pink hotpants, fishnet tights and killer heels.

Boy, good thing she wore that crown. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would have been if someone else had shown up in the exact same outfit?

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lady gaga ace awards lace mask 6lady gaga ace awards lace mask 7lady gaga ace awards lace mask 8lady gaga ace awards lace mask 9lady gaga ace awards lace mask 10

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PHOTO SOURCE: Pacific Coast News Online

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