We’re smack dab in the middle of the Christmastime news slowdown, people. No one’s slipping any nipple, no one’s really misbehaving, NOTHING’S FREAKING HAPPENING! So, here’s a really random, really creepy video of some guy made of himself making out with a Hannah Montana towel courtesy of Buzzfeed. In it, the man “undresses” the Hannah Montana towel, feeds her pre-chewed chocolate, makes out with her, and ends by washing her in the sink, all set to the tune of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares”. It’s almost too gross and creepy to watch, but it was either this or reading about Jon & Kate Gosselin finally getting divorced. After watching this video, you might want that story instead.

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse decided to add her own personal style to borrowed designer clothes–she returned them with puke! The Mirror reports,

[Amy Winehouse has] landed herself with a massive £25,000 bill after borrowing posh designer frocks – and returning them with her own unique calling card… splattered with vomit.

Even worse, when the Back To Black singer finally returned the puke-stained outfits, her little deposits had green, furry mould growing on them.

Unsurprisingly, 25-year-old Amy has now been blacklisted by furious fashion PRs and shouldn’t expect any loans or freebies for a while.

Our insider reveals: “Harvey Nichols loaned Amy £25k’s worth of silk and satin dresses.

“Unfortunately, while wearing one of the frocks, she went on an all-night bender.

“She ended up in the loos, where she was violently sick. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.”

Amy would have made a perfect Garbage Pail Kid. Remember those? They were trading cards that had the “grody” version of the Cabbage Patch Kids. There was Nasty Nick, Ray Decay, Adam Bomb, and oh yeah, Up Chuck. It’s like it was meant to be!

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