After her performance at the iHeart Radio concert over the weekend, Rihanna reportedly barfed all over her VIP table in front of everybody at a Vegas nightclub. I think I speak for all of us when I say, “ha ha!” According to Showbiz Spy:

[Rihanna] was partying with pals at the 1 OAK nightspot in the city when the celebrations became too much for her and she struggled to control herself before throwing up.

“She threw up in a napkin. The guy with her handed her a white towel to clean up,” a source said.

However, the incident didn’t ruin the 24-year-old star’s night as she carried on and was later spotted heading to notorious strip club Spearmint Rhino.

I never let vomiting slow me down, either. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just my body’s way of making room for more alcohol. It’s the stupid strippers that always seem to have a problem with it. You’d think people who made a living taking off their clothes would be a lot less stuck-up about body fluids.

On her way to the Rose nightclub in London last month in this Alexander Wang leather miniskirt:

PHOTO SOURCE: Pacific Coast News

Usher cut short Green Day’s set when he went 25 minutes over at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas on Saturday, which had frontman Billie Joe Armstrong so pissed that he went off on a swear-riddled rant and then smashed his guitar onstage. The NY Daily News says:

Rocker Billie Joe Armstrong has checked rehab just two days after throwing an anti-Justin Bieber tirade at at Las Vegas concert.

The Green Day front man is “seeking treatment for substance abuse,” the band said in a statement released Sunday.

On Friday night, the “American Idiot” auteur capped a performance at the iHeartRadio Festival in Vegas by having expletive-laced meltdown.

Believing his band was being cut off prematurely, Armstrong began screaming, “I’m not fucking Justin Beiber, you motherfuckers!”

To punctuate his point, he smashed his yellow guitar and threw the ruined instrument into the audience.

For the record, I’m not fucking Justin Bieber either, but you don’t hear me bragging about it. Billie Joe just needs to get his panties out of a twist and realize that while Green Day’s been around since 1988, they haven’t been relevant since 1998. Nothing like sticking it to the man at the fucking iHeart Radio Festival to really drive home your artistic integrity.

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