Hindsight is 20/20, and in Tony Parker’s case, it’s obvious he had other women’s behinds in his sight from the get-go of his marriage to Eva Longoria. Popeater explains,

Friends of Eva Longoria tell me everyone’s favorite ‘Desperate Housewife’ is devastated about her split from Tony Parker, her husband of three years — but her biggest regret is that she didn’t leave him sooner.

“Once a cheater always a cheater,” a friend of Eva’s tells me. “Just five months into their marriage, reports of Tony’s infidelity spread like wildfire, but Eva chose to listen to her heart and not her head. She stood by her man, believing deeply in the institution of marriage. She chose to believe her husband was innocent.”

At the time, the NBA star was accused of having an affair with Alexandra Paressant, a French model, before rushing home to be with his wife on the set of a photo shoot.

Both vigorously denied the allegations at the time, but sources told me the damage had been done.

“You just don’t get up and walk away from a marriage because of a few text messages,” an insider tells me about the reports Eva filed for divorce after finding evidence Tony was cheating via e-mail and cell phone. “There is much, much more to this story than that. Don’t think for one second Eva made this decision lightly. Stuff went down that she will never talk about. She is far too much of a lady to air her dirty laundry in public, but let’s just say Tony knows exactly what he did to her and it wasn’t the first time and wouldn’t have been the last. Trust has been broken, as well as Eva’s heart.”

Well it’s like that old saying goes, “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they’re probably banging someone hotter and younger than you.” I’ve got that embroidered on a pillow.

In an 80′s-ice-skating inspired frock at the 2010 MTV European Video Awards:

Legally dead Larry “Pegleg” King is getting divorced for the eighth time, this time from his pill-popping train wreck of a wife Shawn Southwick. TMZ says

Larry King and Shawn Southwick filed for divorce [yesterday] after an explosive argument at their home in Beverly Hills.

We’re told the marriage fell apart over allegations of infidelity. Sources say Shawn is accusing Larry of having an affair with one of her close relatives.

And that “close relative” would be none other than her younger sister:

Larry King’s marriage fell apart in large part because Shawn Southwick believes Larry is having an affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann.

Shannon says Shawn has been accusing her of fooling around with Larry for months. She says Shawn has repeatedly pointed to the fact that Larry gave Shannon numerous gifts… [including] a $160,000 car [and a Cartier necklace].

Shannon [said], “I did not have an affair with Larry. He’s been like a father to me.”

I always thought that old people having sex with a myth, like the Chupacabra or the Holocaust. It just seems logistically impossible. Like trying to drill a hollowed-out prune with a lukewarm wad of ricotta cheese. It defies every fundamental law of physics.


PHOTO SOURCE: Pacific Coast News


Long plagued by rumors of Carey Hart’s infidelity, it seems that singer Pink’s marriage is officially over. People Magazine says

The marriage of pop singer Pink and her husband of two years, motocross racer and former The Surreal Life star Carey Hart, has ended. “Pink and Carey Hart have separated. This decision was made by best friends with a huge amount of love and respect for one another. While the marriage is over, their friendship has never been stronger.”

The marriage was doomed from the start. To the best of my knowledge, Carey Hart has never had a vagina. And despite his best efforts to acquire it from other women while he was still married, he will never ever have a vagina. He was stuck with a penis, which, frankly, only serves to get in the way of having a vagina. I’m sure you can see how this union was destined for utter failure from the beginning.

Pink at Entertainment Weekly’s 50th Grammys after party last week:


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