Kate Gosselin must be feeling the sting stink of rejection right about now. The Dancing With The Stars cast is planning a reunion dinner, and she’s not invited! Says Popeater,

This year’s crop of celebrity hoofers on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ have stayed so close since the end of season 10 that they’re even planning a big reunion dinner in Los Angeles in three weeks. All were invited, save for one: Kate Gosselin.

“Her invite must have gotten lost in the mail,” one ‘Dancing’ insider tells me. “Of course she was not invited! We all became close during and after the show except Kate who hasn’t returned anyone’s calls or emails. You know it’s bad when even creepy bachelor, Jake Pavelka, gets invited but she doesn’t.”

Everyone’s just scared to be around her if she dances without the constraints of choreographing. She makes Pinocchio look positively graceful and would most likely take everyone out with her flailing limbs. But instead of getting gold coins thrown at her, it would be shattered cocktail glasses. At least that’s what I’d hope for. I’ve got no strings on me!

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