After showing up 90 minutes late to their performance in Dublin, Guns ‘n Roses were treated to a chorus of boos and fuck yous and then a couple of beer bottles were hurled on stage. That’s when Axl Rose — who offered no apology or explanation for the hour and half delay — got all pissy and said,

“Here’s the deal. One more bottle, we go home. It’s up to you. We would like to stay. You wanna us to stay? We wanna stay. We wanna have some fun. If you don’t wanna have fun, all you gotta do is let us know, and we got no problem… we’ll go on our way.”

That’s about the time some one chucked another bottle at him. What did he expect? When left to their own devices, the Irish drink and get angry. It’s pretty much their whole M.O. It’s just usually the wives and kids who take the brunt of the beatings.

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